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The optimal combination of delicious meal, convenient delivery, and Chinese herb. 30 daily meals and 30 servings of 15 different concoctions of Chinese herbal soups to optimize the recovery process.
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Product Description

Based on ancient Chinese herb knowledge, Jing Mommy integrates ingredients to aid the body to detox, replenish, and rejuvenate your postpartum body.

Chinese identify ingredients into different categories according to its “temperature”. After a major change in the body in a such a short amount of time, postpartum body is considered “cold” and “weak”; therefore, gradually introducing different “Warm” and “Hot” food into the newly mom’s diet is essential to re-establish balance within the body.

Herbal meal 

In additional to all the daily meals, to fully take advantage of Chinese’s knowledge on herb, we develop 15 different concoctions of Chinese herbal soups and serves each of them two days in a row to create a 30-day authentic Chinese herbal experience.  Each concoctions has its own ratio of herbs to systematically and gradually help the newly mom’s body  to detox, repair, replenish, and rejuvenate as a female body designed to do.

We only use high-quality ingredients with no isartificial additives.

Our manufacturer is  FDA approved and meet cGMP standard.

All process use modernized equipment to ensure the highest purity and quality.

1-day menu sample:

Breakfast: Mixed grain porridge & Basil omelette

Lunch: Braised meatball & Braised brisket (1 stew dishes), Jing Mommy house-special bass soup, Broccoli & Bok Choy  (2 servings of vegetable)  and mixed grain rice.

Afternoon dessert: Sweet peanut soup

Dinner: 1 specialty soup, 1 traditional soup ,Corn & Red Cabbage (2 servings of vegetable), and mixed grain rice,

After-dinner dessert: Stewed pumpkin with Red Dates

Herbal drink (Red dates longan tea)


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  1. 5 out of 5


    I highly recommend this service! I came across Jingmommy looking for some type of meal delivery service after having my second baby. I remember after my first baby how hard (impossible) it was to cook something healthy for myself. Usually I would revert to unhealthy take-out or scavenge the pantry for something. This time around I was prepared for the post-partum haze I would be in and invested in Jingmommy's meal delivery service. The best money I ever spent on myself! The food was deliciously varied, plentiful, and nutritious! Do yourself a favor moms, you deserve it!

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