Sampling Party

starts at 11:00, please reserve your spot
JingMommy Central Kitchen
To provide our moms with a better understanding of our service before they make the decisions, we regularly hold tasting parties for them to sample a variety of our delicious dishes. All the food we serve at the tasting party is prepared by the same chefs using the same receipts and cooked the way we always do. We do not alter the food to “taste” better to entice you to sign because we believe in honesty and dignity. We also believe in treating our families right, so we made the decision to serve our food buffet style. Come to sample our food, feel free to have more than just sample-size 🙂

Register 06/01/2024 or 07/13/2024 sampling party now!

3 comments on “Sampling Party

Hi, I would like information about the tasting. Is there one in June? My due date is the beginning of Sept but it might be earlier as I am having twins.

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